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Managed DevOps & Infrastructure

The ATS Team provides Managed DevOps Services to help take the operations and infrastructure management burden off your team, and allow them to concentrate on building your business. Once we've completed our on-boarding, and built out your comprehensive DevOps-as-a-Service package, you have the option of rolling over to our monthly retainer for on-going support. The ATS team takes over full operational responsibility of your infrastructure 24x7x365.

Here's just a few of the great benefits included with our Managed DevOps packages -

  • CI/CD Support: We'll support your team and their workflows as needs evolve to ensure that they're able to iterate and deploy as often and as smoothly as possible.
  • Compliance And Vulnerability Mitigation: We'll help to monitor and manage all aspects of your infrastructure. Including compliance and pro-active patching or remediation of security vulnerabilities.
  • Logging, Monitoring, & Alert Response: We've built a comprehensive logging, monitoring, and alerting regimen that allows us key insight into the health of your infrastructure. In the event that any of those metrics deviate from our standards, our team will spring into action on your behalf, doing whatever is possible to ensure your applications achieve maximum possible availability.
  • Disaster Recovery: We'll help to provision and maintain a Disaster Recovery site in a location and cloud provider of your choice. And in the event that the worst happens to your primary provider - we'll be ready to get you back online as fast as possible.